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About Product Story

ComfortNCuddly Wearable pillows came about from a dream to create products that are useful, comfortable and portable. It all started from home in my living room, I kept falling asleep on the couch and as time went on the living room became much too over bearing with all the pillows and blankets . It was a mess, pillows and blankets piled up like mini mountains all over the living room thus the idea grew for a need to fix this issue.

How can I make an all in one Sporty travel décor Pillow with a stowed away Blanket inside the Decor Pillow? Comfort N Cuddly Pillows are the only wearable travel pillows that exist at this time which is a unique one of a kind Pillow that will remain a Pillow even after the stowed away blanket is removed from inside of the Pillow. This pillow will be dual purpose being a décor item and also be a pillow/cushion and have a stowed away blanket when needed. Comfort N Cuddly Sporty pillow is both decorative, keeps you warm and cozy when needed and is also portable with a removable strap attached to the cushion sides when required. This is good for home décor, travelling, road trips, sleepovers, and much more.

Also available is a Sporty Waterproof outdoor personalized travel Pillow and stowed away mat with a travel strap inside the cushion/pillow. This is a waterproof Pillow and mat for the beach, poolside, yacht, camping or any outdoor activities. These decorative pillows come in various colors, shapes and forms which are square and rectangular and others shapes to come. This attractive, innovative design is made from a variety of materials which are soft, warm and durable.