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Pillow and Stowed Away Blanket "Cushy Blankie "by Comfort N Cuddly

I am not an expert blogger or a great writer but what i am is, a great visionary for ideas and concept. This passion come from a dreamer of being a leader in improving one's comfort level and lessen one's time consumption in any activity, reason been time is the most available tool man has that we can never get back. With that energy i began striving for improvement were i discovered a need for my idea. I created the first and only one of a kind, all in one indoor decor Pillow and a stowed away blanket with a travel strap inside of the pillow for ones convenience. I also created the first and only one of a kind, all in one outdoor waterproof decor Pillow and a stowed away Mat with a travel strap inside of the pillow. The indoor pillow can be used for home decor on the couch or in the bedroom, sleep overs for kids or adults, road trips, plane travel and much more. While the outdoor waterproof pillow can be used for the beach, poolside, on yacht and boats, sun tanking , camping trips, USA Military or any Military Camping, picnics or any outdoor activities.  Also the best part about this product, it's personable and can be personalized with company's logos, Sport teams like the (NFL,NBA ), Clubs like (golf or yacht clubs), cartoon characters or simply ones name.

This product is a everyday usage item and it simply solves mindlessly a persons problem when needs to lounge and get warm and comfortable or even traveling conveniently. The product is right beside you on the couch, in the bed, in the car or on the go, which is just a hand reach away without having you to  get up from your comfort zone.

So if you ever see yourself needing or wanting access to this amazing product please visit www.comfortncuddly.com or call 954.600.9181 you can also follow us @comfortncuddly on all social media platform.



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