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Customers Testimonials

At first i was wondering what kind of product this was but after doing my research about the product and seeing the versatility use of it, i was in love. I ordered mine immediately.  I love it and give it a 5star rating. Great job @comfortncuddlywearables


Its soft, warm and perfect for me. I never knew of this product and my friends told me about it. Its a very unique item and very convenient for home lounging and traveling. *****

Richard Henderson

What can i say people please go get one you wont be disappointed. I got the outdoor waterproof one and also the indoor one. Both are great i love them. Great concept best Ideas of 2019 #teamcomfortncuddlywearables 


I think and feel it's a great concept reason being  it  has a multipurpose functionality whether indoor, outdoor or on the go. The feel of the product is soft & warm. Thanks ComfortNCuddly Wearables for an amazing product

Jody Nathan